TradeWind Workshops

The TradeWind consortium was launched the project's final report in a workshop organised during the European Wind Energy Conference in Marseille. The workshop, Maximal and Reliable Integration of Wind Energy into Trans-European Power Markets, took place on Thursday, 19 March 2009. Participants  had the opportunity to discuss with leading European specialists the project's final findings and recommendations to support the future integration of massive levels of wind power. For further information please click here.

The TradeWind final workshop, Wind Power in the Single European Electricity Market, took place on 12 February 2009. It was part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week and gathered more than 100 European experts on grid and power market issues. The workshop presentations can be found here

The TradeWind consortium organised a workshop at the European Wind Energy Conference in Brussels. The workshop, International Integration Studies, took place on 1 April 2008 and attracted more than 100 participants. The workshop presentations can be accessed here.


TradeWind Synchronous Zone Seminars

TradeWind organised three seminars near the end of 2007 beginning of 2008 in the different synchronous zones of Europe: GB/Ireland, UCTE and NORDEL area. The purpose of the seminars was to provide a forum for interaction between the TradeWind project partners and local TSOs, regulators, developers, energy traders, service providers and other actors in wind power integration.